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Castle Health Centre , Colliery Road , Chirk , Wrexham , LL14 5DH
Telephone: 01691 772 434
Fax: 01691 773 840


Private Fees

Certain services provided by the doctors are not covered by the NHS.  The principal items and the fees charged to patients are listed below.  If you would like more information, please ask at Reception.  Please note that some fees are now subject to VAT.

Certificates And Forms

 Private Sick Note  £9.00
 Certificates to Validate:- Accidents, Sickness & Private Medical Claims  £20.00
 Private Letters e.g. re housing  £16.66 - £33.33 +VAT
 International Vaccination Certificates  £10.00 +VAT
 Freedom from Infection Certificates  £10.00 +VAT
 Driving Licence Endorsement  £16.66 +VAT
 Fitness to Travel Certificate  £10.00 +VAT
 Passport Endorsement  £25.00 +VAT
 Shotgun Certificate  £25.00 +VAT
 Holiday Cancellation  £25.00


 HGV Driving Licence Medical  £75.00 +VAT
 Taxi Driving Licence Medical  £50.00 +VAT
 Pro Forma Reports  £40.00 +VAT
 Written Sickness Report, no Examination  £66.66 +VAT
 Full Sickness Examination & Report  £130.00
 Employer's Report with Medical  £135.00 +VAT
 Employer's Report without Medical  £80.00 +VAT

Travel Abroad

 Administration Fee  £25.00 (Adult) or £10.00 (Child aged 16 & under) + Cost of Vaccine
 Yellow Fever  £48.00 per injection
 Rabies  £49.00 per injection (3 required)
 Hepatitis B  £17.00 per injection (3 required)
 Japanese Encephalitis

 £88.00 per injection (2 required)



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